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Frances's earthly journey ended tonight at 11.32pm EST 25 Feb 2009. Mike was spending the night at the hospital with her and said that her breathing gently stopped at that time. Her earthly life is over. We can only look forwards to the day when we shall be reunited with her for eternity. I have sat beside her for the last 2 days and while part of me did not want my little sister to die I knew that for her, in this life, the end could not come soon enough. For those who were there today to learn that the end was expected within mere days it was probably a shock but she is now at peace. Robert Blair

Karen Mc'Clelland had an idea. Inspired by the movie "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", Karen bought a scarf for Fran to wear to her chemo treatments.

But before Fran receives this scarf, it, along with a card for messages, is being sent around to as many of her friends and family as we can find, for them to offer up their prayers and thoughts while holding or wearing it. That way, when Fran finally receives her scarf, she can wear it knowing that the people who love her are there with her.

When you receive the scarf, please take a photo of yourself with it, then send this photo to Deane on the contact page (including your names, location, and date) so we can add it to these pages, allowing Fran to follow the scarf's progress to her.

A guestbook has been set up so that you can also leave messages here for Fran.

Let's give this spunky girl our best.

We love you Fran...

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